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Vedic Yoga Teacher Training

What is Vedic Yoga Teacher Training?

Vedic Yoga teacher Training centres around how to holistically raise the human consciousness in all its different aspects, including both the outer and inner life.

Our Teacher Training programs are based on the ancient wisdom as they apply to our modern times, and particularly for your physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.

You can experience this profound ancient wisdom if you learn to become empty from within.  This requires your sincerity to let go of all the unnecessary weight of your intellectual knowledge.  For all students of teacher training – and any other program – the success of the course they undertake will be dependent on how open and receptive they are to what is being offered.  This openness and receptivity will be based on how much a person realises the need for this in his or her present life.

Preparation for a Vedic Yoga Centre Teacher Training Course

Before you apply for this course, you must be very clear about why you wish to participate – not because you have a free month so it might be something interesting to try!  This is not enough.  If you have a little more clarity by understanding the whole program, the routine that will be applied, and the discipline required for from you, you will be much better prepared; in addition, are you ready to give your full attention and effort – the best that you can?

You should be willing to come to the Course without have a particular frame of mind.  What you already know is already with you, but you should try to be open and empty to see how you can actually experience and apply what is being offered.

The programs make you aware that there is a difference between your understanding and your experiences.  Your intellectual understanding is only an inspiration and motivation – it does not become a part of you until you have the experience of it.

People don’t always live according to their understanding – but when your understanding becomes your experience, then you will always live according to it – because it has become your reality.  The yoga programs at our Centre are focused on how the practitioner can apply this knowledge in day-to-day life so that he can share from his experiences rather than just his understanding.

Our focus in Vedic Yoga Teacher Training has four aspects:

  1. How to develop a clear understanding of the methods and practices – this is done through lectures as well as practices and methods of teaching;
  2. Integrating the different techniques and methods with both a modern and classical point of view;
  3. How individuals can have spontaneous trust and confidence in themselves, to carry a yogic attitude off their mat into all different aspects of life; and
  4. The art of adjustment – the ability to share with others and the ability to find harmony within yourself.

This short video captures the essence of training programs at the Vedic Yoga Centre:

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