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Accommodation & Meals at the Vedic Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Centre Rishikesh, India

General Information


Types of rooms

The Vedic Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Centre welcomes all visitors who come to Rishikesh either: 

*  with a motive to participate in the yoga or Ayurveda courses and therapies, or 
*  who have a spiritual motive to develop their inner consciousness through self-retreat, or 
*  to simply be in this committed atmosphere.  

Our Centre is not a hotel – it is dedicated to those who are seeking their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  If you are simply in Rishikesh for sight-seeing or having fun, this will not be the right place for you.  Everyone who stays at our centre is expected to perform some kind of selfless service (seva) to the Centre during their stay according to their skills and capacity, or as requested by the Centre’s Administration staff.

The accommodation of the Centre consists of 23 spacious, comfortable and clean rooms in total – 15 in the main building, and 8 in the detached building on the same site, all with balconies.  The rooms in the main building are built over three levels, and over two levels in the detached building.

The Centre offers three categories of rooms:


Of the 23 rooms, only 5 have the capacity for separate beds and double occupancy.  All the others have standard double beds.  All rooms have an attached bathroom with hot water available 24 hours a day and a Western-style toilet.

The Centre has a Strictly No Smoking policy anywhere on the site.  Rishikesh is a strictly vegetarian town, and no meat, eggs or fish are allowed to be cooked in the Centre.  It is also an offence to carry or consume alcohol or drugs in the town.

WiFi is available in public areas and in some rooms.

As a Retreat Centre, the price of our rooms includes three Ayurvedic meals a day.  You must let us know if you do not wish to take your meals with us.

Whichever room you choose, there are many reasons to stay at the Vedic Yoga Centre.  Aside from the traditional yoga and Ayurveda offered here, you will have access to the following:

  1. Holy River Ganga-ji – simply walk down the driveway of the Guest House, and you are only a few steps away from the holy river Ganga.  You can sit by this sacred river at any time due to its proximity to our Retreat Centre.
  2. Views of Ma Ganga – if you want picturesque views of Laxman Jhula, then simply walk to the rooftop of our building and take in the breathtaking views of Ganga-ji and the surrounding mountains.
  3. Ram Jhula is only a 15-minute walk away.
  4. Vashishta Gufa – a sacred cave for those seeking deep mediation, only 25 kilometres from Rishikesh.  In this cave, the great Sage Vashishta (held to be the son of Lord Brahma, and one of the Seven Great Sages) meditated.
  5. Tattwala Baba-ji cave – a sacred place where the Himalayan master has lived and performed austerities.  If you are receptive, you can just sit down and feel the energy, which has the power to make a shift inside you.
  6. Dehradun (Jolly Grant) airport – the closest domestic airport, which is only 29 kilometres (approximately 50 minutes by car).  You can fly to Dehradun directly from Mumbai, Dehli and many other smaller cities in India.


Single occupancy: 2,000 INR/night
Double occupancy: 2,500 INR/night


Single occupancy: 3,500 INR/night
Double occupancy: 4,500 INR/night


Single occupancy: 4,000 INR/night
Double occupancy: 5,500 INR/night

These rates include only the accommodation. All programs and courses attract their respective fee. These prices are subject to change.

For details of prices, please view the pages on Standard and Deluxe Rooms.



Email a copy of your flight details, passport and visa to: and complete the Application Form by following the Apply Now link, which includes payment of your deposit.

The Centre welcomes people who wish to dedicate some time to themselves and who can participate in what the Centre offers according to their inner requirements. It is a perfect place for those seeking physical, mental, and spiritual balance or who are simply looking to regenerate themselves in solitude. The Centre provides a committed atmosphere so that people can experience their holistic health.  

Anyone coming for a self-retreat should be open-hearted and open-minded, have ab understanding of what is being offered at the Centre and be flexible to accommodate different visiting groups and programs.  All visitors are expected to to be polite to others, and perform some kind of selfless service to the Centre (seva) during their stay according to their skills and capacity, or as requested by the Centre’s Administration staff.

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