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Group Hostings
The VYC is the ideal location to host either your next retreat, a Yoga Teacher Training course, or Ayurveda healing program. The sacred grounds at the VYC provide the perfect environment for your guests to disconnect from their daily routine, and go deep into their healing and transformation. Your group may choose to have three Ayurvedic meals included in their package. For a sample of the style of meals offered click here.

Although there are two yoga halls at the Centre, the downstairs venue is permanently booked. Your visitors can join the daily drop-in classes here for the regular rates if they wish. Click here for the price of a drop-in yoga class.

If you will be teaching the group yourself, you may rent the top hall only. This room doubles as the dining hall, so if meals are included then you will need to clear this hall each time you wish to practice yoga, or undertake any other group activities or teaching.

Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to practice yoga on the rooftop.
We are happy to assist you in planning your daily itinerary to ensure that your guests have the most uplifting experience while staying with us.

For further enquiries email us at .
Our tour group stayed at the Vedic Yoga Centre and tried out the brand new rooms that are beautiful as well as the stunning rooms upstairs with views over the town. What a helpful amazing family-run guest house, and the peaceful atmosphere of the Yoga and Kirtan and also exceptional Ayurvedic massages were very relaxing after a busy tour through North India.
- KarenDale, New Zealand 2019