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Group Hostings

The VYC is the ideal location to host either your next yoga retreat, a Yoga Teacher Training course, or Ayurveda healing program, in Rishikesh.  The spiritually energised grounds at the VYC provide the perfect environment for your guests to disconnect from their daily routine, and go deep into their healing and transformation.  

Your group may choose to have three Ayurvedic meals included in their package.  For a sample of the style of food we offer, follow our meals link.

Although there are two yoga halls at the Centre, the downstairs venue is permanently booked.  Your visitors can join the daily drop-in classes here for the regular rates if they wish.  Prices for these classes can be negotiated.

If you will be teaching the group yourself, you may rent the top hall only.  This room doubles as the dining hall, so if meals are included in your package then you will need to clear this hall each time you wish to practice yoga, or undertake any other group activities.

Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to practice yoga on the rooftop.


Here are some ideas about what can be offered to your group during their stay – you can choose from these, or tell us what YOUR requirements are in order to make your experience as fulfilling as possible:

  • Morning meditation and hatha yoga/kriya classes
  • Healing fire ceremony – havan with mantra and meditation
  • Ayurveda treatments – including short de-tox or de-stress program 
  • Ayurveda doctor consultation for diagnosing one’s body nature and suggesting Ayuredic remedies
  • Ayurveda therapy sessions and lecture on lifestyle and overall health
  • Ayurveda cooking classes
  • Conscious walk to nearby sacred places for inspiration and motivation for healing such as Tattwala Baba cave
  • Travel to local sacred sites such as the Vashishta Cave, or sunrise over Kanjapuri mountains
  • Evening kirtan and satsang
  • One, two or three meals per day
  • Access to our dedicated café area which provides tea, coffee, juices and snacks
  • Arranging musical concert or sound healing sessions for the group
  • Transportation assistance if needed for short or longer journeys
  • Learning how to apply traditional Indian henna bodily decorations for hands and feet, and having it applied to yourself

We are happy to assist you in planning your daily itinerary as well, to ensure that your guests have the most uplifting experience while staying with us.

Prices vary according to the number of people, the type of rooms being booked, the inclusion of meals, and other variables.  

To establish a price for your group, please email us at with the details of what you wish to have included.

There is no standard procedure for a group booking.  

Please contact us directly to make the appropriate arrangements. 

Group leaders are responsible for arranging all details for all participants, and should send the complete list of all participants and their details to 

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