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Ayurveda Cooking Course
In Ayurveda, there is a slogan that says,

“You are what you eat”.

Food is seen not just as sustenance, but as a means of maintaining overall health.
Ayurvedic treatment explains the preventative and curative properties of many different herbs and spices – it demonstrates that when used correctly in the appropriate combinations, food can promote well-being and good health, by allowing it to be digested more easily. Ayurveda and yoga combine the science of health, harmony and inner awareness, which can be achieved with suitable food and disciplined practice.

This cooking course covers the traditional method of preparing food with herbs and spices for balancing the body, and providing good health. It includes the methods of preparing and storing the following foods:
• herbs and spices for general well-being
• herbs and spices for common disorders
• grains, beans and seeds
• vegetables and fruit
• oils and dairy products
• tea, hot and cold beverages
• rice dishes
• breads
• soups
• sweet dishes
• nuts, dried berries and fruit
• accompaniments such as chutneys, pickles, dips and sauces
You will get the chance to create some tasty and healthy dishes under personal guidance, and also get to sample your own cooking.
Drop-in class 2 hours - 2,500 INR (rupees)
7 day course (1 class every day) - 15,000 INR (rupees)
It's a very quiet and heartfelt place for living and really serious studying of yoga! I spent some months in this centre and I consider this time as the happiest of all my quite long period of residence in India. The wonderful family who lives in this house became very close to my heart, I found true friends and my view and relation to yoga was changed and extended. To live in one house with the teacher, every day to observe a life of a usual Indian family, to have opportunity to study traditional Indian cooking, Ayurvedic massage and to communicate with interesting people who come here from all over the world - believe me it's not possible everywhere. I happened to visit and stay in different places in Rishikesh and other Indian towns but only here I could feel myself as at home and found the true rest in heart that before I didn't feel long time....I strongly recommend this place to those people who … want to make deeper the practice of yoga, look for a sense and a correct way of living and really want to get acquainted with Indian perception of the world which still be in their hearts for a long time after home-coming...
- Gadget-hackwrench, Russia, 2013