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The traditional science of ayurvedic Panchakarma offers the most natural and complete detox

Panchakarma - detox your body & revitalize your mind

Panchakarma ayurveda treatment in Rishikesh, India -
Immunity booster & anti-ageing package

This Panchakarma package is a combination of ayurvedic therapies and yogic practices which help to cleanse and detoxify the body and balance energy levels. Panchakarma is used as a remedy to restore the body to its natural, inherent healing state, expelling toxins and foreign substances.

Panchakarma package inclusions:

• Ayurvedic therapies
• Yogic & meditation practises
• Personalised healthy vegetarian diet
• Accommodation, peaceful stay in the Himalayan foothills
• Recommendations and treatment from experienced ayurvedic doctor

Benefits for the Body:

Eliminates toxins
Improves digestion & metabolism
Supports the immune system
Builds stamina
Purifies and nourishes the skin
Helps manage weight

Benefits for the Mind:

Uplifts mood
Reduces stress
Relaxes the mind
Helps manage anxiety and depression
Soothes the nervous system
Helps to refocus your attention

Ayurvedic therapies helps to bring out toxins, and rejuvenates the body and mind, through a combination of internal and external treatments which are detailed above. The treatments are identified through consultation with a registered Ayurvedic physician, and under the guidance of a registered Ayurvedic therapist.

The three phases of Panchakarma treatment


Breaks down and clears blockages, and liquefies toxins, moving them to the intestinal region.  

5 main treatments include:

  1. Abhyangam – whole body oil massage
  2. Udwarthanam – herbal powders massage
  3. Kizhi – herbal hot bundles massage
  4. Steam – herbal body bath
  5. Snehapanam – regulated oil/ghee drinking



Here are just some of the treatments in greater detail.


ABHYANGAM (whole body oil massage)

A traditional balancing method of massage which harmonises energy in the mind and body. This therapy releases deep rooted tension, stress and depression, and regenerates one’s overall health. Massages at the Centre are performed with either Ayurvedic herbal oils or essential oils.


  1. Nourishes the skin and removes dryness, and provides overall rejuvenation for the body and mind.
  2. Helps improve immunity.
  3. Helps with paralysis.
  4. Helps overcome obesity, diabetes and asthma.
  5. Helps with arthritis, and assists mobility in joints and muscles.
  6. Helps ease chronic aches and pains like backache, stiff neck, migraine and rheumatism.
  7. Improves blood circulation and gives soothing effect to the nervous system.


A treatment which balances the nervous system through the use of herbal medicated oil, dripped slowly onto the forehead.

It is a very effective treatment for releasing tension. It helps the mind to be grounded, and assists with all kinds of mental imbalances.


  1. Helps to provide deep relaxation and helps overcome insomnia.
  2. Helps with stress, depression, mental slowness and schizophrenia.
  3. Diminishes hypertension.
  4. Helps overcome hemiplegia (paralysis).
  5. Helps against diabetic complications such as neuropathy.




A traditional treatment of steaming the body within an enclosed chamber with herbs soaked in water, or with essential oils, according to the person’s body type. It helps to eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin, and is suitable for all different body types. It is the most effective treatment for obesity. All parts of the body, except the head, are within the enclosed chamber.Currently a steam room is being used instead of the box shown.


  1. Helps with problems related to arthritis, rheumatism, obesity and other bodily pains, including back problems.
  2. Helps to purify the skin.

Eliminates toxins from the body using the five (pancha) ejection therapies (karma).

Treatments include:

Vamana – induced vomiting (dosha: kapha)

Virechana – induced purgation (dosha: pitta)

Nasya – medicated nasal drops (dosha: kapha)

Sneha Vasti – lubrication enema (dosha: vata, all)

Kashaya Vasti – cleansing enema

Depending on personal requirements, your programme may not include all 5 therapies.  Some of the treatments are detailed in the section below.


A treatment to help clean the intestines through ingesting a special Ayurvedic herbal medication. The process is undertaken after the body has been prepared both externally through massage with oils/cream, and internally through the ingestion of ghee (refined butter) or boiled rice water. It is accompanied by a strict Ayurvedic diet and must be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic therapist. It is a safe process without any side effects. This treatment is recommended for a duration of 1-4 days.


  1. Helps control obesity, gastro-intestinal problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, worms and haemorrhoids.
  2. Helps clear skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.
  3. Assists in the control of diabetes and helps fight anaemia.
  4. Helps eliminate headache, cough and cold, and asthma.
  5. Helps heal arthritis and gout.



A treatment for the sinuses. Beginning with a facial massage, this is followed by steam inhalation, and finished with a stream of medicated oil dripped into the nostrils while lying on the Ayurvedic massage table. While this treatment helps to cure problems in the head, it is particularly good for preventing diseases in this area.


  1. Helps clear the sinuses, eliminates nasal allergies, eases migraines and insomnia.
  2. Helps prevent many ear, nose and throat problems.

Nourishes exhausted body tissues and establishes balanced metabolic and immune functions.

2-4 weeks of simple, healthy, vegetarian diet (freshly cooked meals free from processed foods, caffeine, sugar) accompanied by a positive lifestyle (regular sleep cycle, meditation, yoga, mild exercise).

Within these three categories, we apply various types of appropriate treatments depending on the nature of the person’s body and the particular imbalances identified. The treatments are identified through consultation with a registered Ayurvedic physician, and under the guidance of a registered Ayurvedic therapist.

All of the above treatments can help to alleviate and heal a range of common disorders and other health concerns such as:

  1. Digestive disorders
  2. Weight management
  3. Lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and cholesterol
  4. Stress and related problems such as anxiety and hypertension
  5. Depression
  6. Spine and joint problems
  7. Arthritis – rheumatoid and osteo
  8. Infertility – both male and female
  9. Specific women’s health concerns such as menstrual disorder

It is also very helpful as a regenerative program for all ages and individuals.

This is a sample only and is subject to modification according to circumstances and personal requirements.

6:30 am – 7:00 am
 Mantra chanting and meditation
7:00 am – 9:00 am
 Yogic cleansing and hatha yoga – asana, pranayama, samyak kriya, yoga nidra, meditation
9:00 am - 10:00 am
 Ayurveda drinks for inner lubrication
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
 Ayurveda Treatment therapy
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
 Free time
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
1:30pm - 6:30 pm
 Free time
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
 Kirtan satsang /discussion

Panchakarma treatments are also offered separately by the Centre if you do not wish to take part in a package.

You can take advantage of a one-day ayurvedic experience which is combination of three treatments in the one day, which will give you a taste of ayurveda:

  1. Abhyanga (massage)
  2. Swedanam  (steam bath)
  3. Shirodhara (warm oil poured slowly over the forehead) 
    Takradhara (warm buttermilk poured slowly over the forehead)

The total time for this lavish treatment is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

All of the above therapies are offered independently, or as part of our different ayurveda programs.

Contact us at for any further information.


• Basic package 

A minimum of 10 days is needed to feel the effects of the detox, but it is far more effective if continued for at least 3 weeks.

• Comprehensive package

Extend the treatment for a further 3 weeks for even better results, making a total of 6 weeks.



 Standard Room
Deluxe Room
 Standard Room 
Deluxe Room
 For each additional week
 An additional
 $US600 per week.


Average for 21 days treatment


21 (nights)

Ayurveda therapy


Cleansing therapy


Yoga, kundalini kriya and meditation


Chanting and discussion


Ayurveda cooking class


This Panchakarma treatment is available all year round. A non-refundable deposit of US$300 is required to book your spot.


Email a copy of your flight details, passport and visa to and complete the Application Form by following the Apply Now link, which includes payment of your deposit.

One of the miracles of the human body is its capability to constantly rejuvenate and heal itself.  However, when body energies (tridoshas) are imbalanced, due to either natural or unnatural causes, the digestive capacity is weakened, leading to the formation of toxic impurities which hinder the body’s healing capabilities.  Panchakarma is used as a remedy to restore the body to its natural, inherent healing state, expelling toxins and foreign substances.

Pancha means five in Sanskrit, and karma means actions or therapies.  Each of the five therapies is a toxin-elimination technique, which targets a certain dosha. This detox program offers a lifestyle change by planting a seed within you for improved habits when you return to your everyday life. They will help to both build up your health awareness and find alignment between your body, mind and spirit.

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