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Ayurvedic meals for your overall health

Meals are available to all guests who stay at our centre.  Our dining room is called Annapurna Hall.

Please advise at the time of booking if you wish to have your meals with us or, at the very latest when you check in upon arrival.  Guests who wish to dine with us are required to commit to three meals a day, and payment for the meals is required upfront.

All meals are purely vegetarian and are designed for your overall health.

Meals are served in the traditional Indian style on low tables with cushions on the floor for seating.  However, we also provide Western-style tables and chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the floor. 

The meals are based on the ancient science of Ayurveda to ensure both health and wellness from the food, and are cooked by members of the family.  Most of the ingredients for the meals, such as spices, vegetables, grains, etc., are locally sourced and pesticide-free wherever possible.  All dairy products come from the Centre’s own dairy herd.

Please contact us at for enquiries or to negotiate a price for your group.

The following is a sample only of the type of meals being offered:


Fruit, porridge, yoghurt, chai

Indian breakfast (a variety of the following, but not all at the same meal):


  1. paratha – potato-filled pancake
  2. idli – rice and dahl flour muffin
  3. dosa – rice and dahl pancake filled with a potato mix
  4. vegetable pakhora – vegetable mix fried in oil with dahl paste) 



  1. Traditional thali including rice, dahl, vegetables, salad and chapattis
  2. Herbal tea.


Lighter meal of soup/pancakes and chai/herbal tea.

All guests who stay at the Vedic Yoga Centre choose:

       EITHER ALL their meals with us
       OR ALL their meals outside the Centre.  

Annapurna Hall is not a restaurant, and we need to know well in advance how many guests to cater for, so please do not ask for exceptions to this rule

The cost for dining at Annapurna Hall is 1,500 INR (Indian rupees) per day, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You need to make your meal arrangements either before you arrive or immediately upon arrival.  Payment for meals is required upfront.

If you are unsure of what you would like to do, you can trial our menu for one day, and then make a decision of whether you will have all your meals with us or outside the Centre.

Contact us at to discuss the details of your requirements.  We cater for different dietary needs such as gluten free, diary free or specific meals for groups.

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