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International Retreats

An International Retreat is a retreat for a yoga program or Ayurveda program conducted by either our senior teacher, Shailendra in your country, or hosted by other qualified teachers who have obtained their teaching certification through the Vedic Yoga Centre, and who conduct classes and retreats in their own country.  

In the past these retreats have been held by Shailendra-ji in different countries around the world:  Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Bali, Austria, France, and New Zealand.  These international retreats are a valuable inspiration for students who are unable to travel to Rishikesh, to remain motivated to continue on their yogic journey; and they all carry the same message of the Vedic Yoga Centrehow to realise and experience your yoga:  your union with your inner and outer life. 

For anyone wishing to hold an International Retreat or participating in an International Yoga Festival in their country, all you have to do is contact Shailendra-ji at or through WhatsApp +91 8755196191 to discuss your requirements so that an appropriate program can be prepared for your group (once international travel returns to normal).

Each retreat will be individually priced according to the country and the place where it is held, as well as the content and length of the program.

Different countries around the world have different requirements for allowing a yoga teacher from India to hold a yoga program in their country, so you will need to research your own country’s requirements in this regard if you are interested in hosting an International Retreat with Shailendra-ji as the senior teacher.

For retreats in Russia, Ukraine, France and Australia, you can contact the teachers from our other centres

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