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Vedic Yoga Trust

The Vedic Yoga Trust is a non-profit, educational and spiritual institution which offers traditional teachings from the Vedic sciences.  The Trust was founded on February 22, 2007 by Trustee Shailendra Singh Negi, and is overseen by two other trustees, who are also founding members of the Trust:  Rajendra Negi and Swami Shiva Chetainya.(who is currently a sanyas, with the title Swami Shiv Charananda Sarawasti).


Shailendra Singh Negi

Rajendra Negi

Swami Shiva Chaitanya


The Vedic Yoga Trust is located at the Vedic Yoga Centre (a unit of the Trust) in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, and is registered with the Government of India as a Non-Government Organisation.


Registration details are as follows:


VYC Trust Registration Number:  153-IV-07

VYC Trust GuideStar Number:  11547

The current aims and objectives include, but are not limited, to the following:
  1. Spreading Vedic science as an art of living;
  2. Providing training in yoga and Ayurveda for people to find their health and well-being;
  3. Spreading the science of yoga to all people of the world without any discrimination;
  4. Providing training and programmes for those wishing to participate in understanding the sciences and philosophies of yoga, tantra and the Vedas;
  5. Providing works of a charitable nature;
  6. Providing meetings, seminars on yoga and Ayurveda as a living science for education and allied purposes to all parts of the world;
  7. Raising funds by way of donations, collection boxes, or subscriptions from the public to be used for promoting yoga and Ayurveda;
  8. Bringing people together;
  9. Publishing books and literature for distribution and sale;
  10. Working with like-minded people.
All revenue generated by in-house and online courses, programmes, books and other promotional material is purely for the purpose of developing, maintaining and promoting the aims and objects of the Vedic Yoga Trust. For additional information about the Trust, please feel free to contact us at

Working through The Vedic Yoga Trust, the Vedic Yoga Centre offers a variety of courses at its premises in Rishikesh, including:

  1. Yoga courses and training programs taken from the Vedic teachings and scriptures, and from the lineage of the Himalayan traditions; and
  2. Ayurveda courses and therapy treatments.

In the past, practitioners from around the world have regularly visited the Centre for these special experiences.

We have now also moved into the new medium of connecting through internet options which, from time to time, offer weekend workshops and other courses to people around the world. If you are eligible for a course, you can participate by clicking on the APPLY NOW button to complete the application form and make the appropriate payment. If you would like further details about the programs, please feel free to email us at

The range of programs offered in this new medium will be expanded over time, as well as the different locations at which we operate, so that we can broaden the way in which we offer our teachings, and connect with people from all around the world.

For further details on any of these projects please contact us via email at

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