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The Vedic Yoga Trust
The Vedic Yoga Trust is a non-profit, educational and spiritual organization founded in 2002 by Shailendra Sing Negi. It is based at the Vedic Yoga Centre in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. The Centre offers programs and courses in Ayurveda and all aspects of yoga, taken from the traditional Vedic teachings and scriptures. Practitioners from around the world visit the Centre each year for this special experience.
“Save the Cow” Project (STC)

The “Save the Cow” Project (STC) is the Centre’s first charitable initiative, designed to protect and care for cows that have been abandoned or abused. The cow is a holy symbol of Indian tradition, and Shailendra has been saddened by the treatment of this sacred symbol to the extent where he sincerely felt
the need to establish a refuge for cows that have been mistreated and left to fend for themselves. Towards this end, the STC project aims to provide a shelter for these animals to care for their overall health and quality of life.

To house these abandoned animals, the Vedic Yoga Trust purchased a small parcel of land (approximately half an acre in size) in 2005 in the village of Kunau, Gangabhopur, which is around 12 kilometres from Rishikesh on the way to Haridwar. Through the grace of donations from previous yoga students of the Vedic Yoga Centre, a shelter has been built for the cows. The project is primarily run under the guidance of Ganeshi Devi, grandmother of Shailendra, with assistance provided by other members of the family, villagers and volunteers. It is also overseen by the following Committee:

Chairman: Chandra Mohan Singh Negi

Rajendra Singh Negi

Bijendra Singh Negi

The project is far from being completed as it currently provides only one shelter for the cows and a very small area for protecting their feed. With the number of cows that are currently suffering from neglect and abuse, the space is severely limited in its ability to provide the assistance required for these sacred animals.

As part of the Centre’s vision in this project, we would aim to provide additional facilities to store feed for the animals so that many more cows could be housed on this property. Once a sufficient number of animals can be sustained on the property, the Centre would establish an enterprise for the sale of milk and other dairy products to help support the cost of running the project.

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the STC fund can do so at the following link, and even the smallest amount would be greatly appreciated. The provision of services from volunteers would also be gratefully accepted, but due to the limited funds available to the Centre, anyone wishing to volunteer their services would need to do so at their own expense.

Long Term Vision - Vedic Yoga Ashram
A further vision of the Vedic Yoga Trust is to establish a yoga ashram specifically to impart Vedic philosophy and provide a forum for spiritual seekers to live and practice traditional Vedic yoga in a remote location, removed from the distractions of everyday life.

The ashram would aim to spread the Vedic traditional knowledge without discriminating against caste, creed, sex, race or religion, and operate for the enrichment of all people of the world while providing facilities, education and opportunities for the poor, disadvantaged and handicapped.

The ashram would hope to be a place of education to:

1. Provide facilities and opportunities for those seeking to do research in Yogic science or philosophy.

2. Serve as a training place for youth and children to study and learn how to develop their spiritual life, and attain mental and internal peace as a basis for their future lives.

3. Improve the quality and standard of education by providing alternative techniques and approaches to educational methods.

4. Establish and maintain schools and vocational training facilities in preprimary, secondary and senior secondary education that work to educate children and young men and women to be physically healthy, intellectually sound and emotionally balanced, thereby equipping them with the skills to surmount the challenges of the ever changing world.

Apart from these services the Trust seeks to provide general social services to humanity which aim to:

1. Promote peace and communal harmony amongst the various sections of society.

2. Provide free shelter, clothing, books, education and equipment to disadvantaged children while guiding them with individual attention as well as giving loving care in a supportive environment.

3. Initiate and assist education and yogic study programs in rural areas, provide health care services to the needy, and promote cultural interaction through recreational activities with volunteers from around the world.

4. Publish books and literature to be distributed and sold in order to spread yogic knowledge and awareness.

5. Raise funds by way of donations.

Donations towards this project can also be made at the following link.

For further details on any of these projects please email us at or