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The Centre is happy to provide meals FOR GROUPS and COURSES ONLY, by negotiation if required. Meals are not automatically provided, so if you do require meals for your group, you must contact Shailendra by email at to discuss the details.

The following is a sample of the type of meals being offered:

Breakfast: fruit, porridge, yoghurt, chai/Indian breakfast (paratha – potato-filled pancake/idli – rice and dahl flour muffin/dosa – rice and dahl pancake filled with a potato mix/vegetable pakhora – vegetable mix fried in oil with dahl paste)
Lunch: traditional thali including rice, dahl, vegetables, salad and chapattis
Dinner: lighter meal of soup/pancakes and chai/herbal tea.

Please note that all meals will be served in the traditional Indian style, on low tables with cushions on the floor for seating. The meals are based on the ancient science of Ayurveda to ensure health and wellness from the food.

Please contact us at for enquiries, or to negotiate a price for your group.