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How Do I Know Which Is The Best Meditation Technique For Me?

Know about Best meditation technique

The breath and sound are two vehicles through which your flow of awareness can be trained in the present.  best meditation technique , These two methods are used in all different meditation traditions around the world – breath and mantra – vibrations and sound, but in all cases, the sound and breath eventually merge with each other and lead the student beyond the levels of the mind, where the practitioner has to become aware of his own essential nature.  As one attains mastery over himself, he eventually become aware of his inner nature – the source of consciousness.

Both breath awareness and mantra lead to the state of one-pointedness through the centre of consciousness.  The centre of the consciousness lies beyond the body, senses, breath and mind; and every method that we are comparing leads us to go beyond all of these barriers so we can experience our inner self.  For every practitioner, whatever leads him to experiencing that is the best technique for the him.

We need to be aware that when the moment you focus your conscious mind your subconscious mind starts to be activated because the nature of the conscious does not want to be disciplined, so it starts to distract you from the different thoughts which are coming from the subconscious and unconscious mind.  This is where the student often drops the practice because they don’t have enough patience, and they need system guidance from an experienced teacher.

In the system of Vedic Dhyana taught at our Centre we offer all students a systematic guidance which integrates their body, breath and sound, according to their nature, so that they can gradually develop their inner path.

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