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YOGA Quotes and tips

Yoga can help you connect within

Your inner self is your best friends

Since the time we were young we have learned to be friends with others, and seek the company of those outside of us, and there is nothing wrong with this. However when those people are not near us, we feel sad. This is because you ignored your best friend near you (your inner self). Remember that while others can SUPPORT you from outside for whatever you need, YOU are the one that has to finally deal with whatever situation you find yourself in. Once you learn to be friend with your inner self, then loneliness will not trouble you. Whether you are with your external friends or alone, your inner self will always be with you. In due time, you will even start enjoying your friendship with your SELF.

Transform yourself to be at peace

When you wish to transform someone else (your family, friend, society), you are trying to force your thoughts on them. You want them to do what you think as correct. But , when what you WANT to happen is not happening, you become angry and frustrated. If they don’t hear you then they will have to learn by their own experience and eventually, at some time in the future, they will be able to see this; but only with TIME. The more you try to calm yourself, acknowledging that you can’t control others but that you can definitely transform yourself, the easier it will be. Keep working towards your own tranquility first, then your attitude towards the situations that surround you will transform. This will help you and others around you. You should also let go of the need to be right all the time, because then you will have unnecessary arguments and disturbances in your mind. If it’s not absolutely necessary (according to your duties: Dharma), then just keep quiet and let this person learn from their own experience.

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Be like a gardener

If you are meditator, you are nothing but like a gardener. The gardener does not just focus on the flower. He will focus on the roots – with discipline he will water it and take care of it, making sure that it gets enough sun, adequate protection and so on, so that firstly the plant can grow, and then the flower can blossom. It is not the flower that is his focus but the discipline to maintain it. Similarly, in your practice, just learn to be attentive, pay attention to your breath in the present moment. Like a gardener pours the water on a plant, so are you pouring your life energy into your inner dimension when you pay attention to your breath. Naturally your peace will be there. Be patient.