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A yoga sitting pose easy enough for beginners also.


Sukhasana means at ease pose. This is a simple cross-legged sitting asana in hatha yoga, sometimes used for meditation.
For meditation, it is important that the spine be straight and aligned with the head and neck. One can slowly practice sukhasana pose by putting pillows or blankets under the knees to create this alignment without slumping forward.


Steps to do Sukhasana (Easy Sitting Pose)

Sit on the floor; keep your back perpendicular to the ground.
Now, cross your legs by bringing each foot behind the thigh of the opposite leg.
Adjust and get comfortable in the pose, your feet shouldn’t hold the pressure or any stress.
Keep your shoulders, neck, spine, and head erect.
Place your palms over the knees, either facing up or down.
You can either use jnanamudra or chinmudrawhile meditating in this pose.
Switch your legs when the negative vibrations want to exit from the body.

Avoid this asana if you have knee or hip injuries, disc problems. Use cushions as a comfortable seat.

Benefits of Sukhasana:

1. Find stillness and tranquility.

2. Open the knees &the ankles.

3. Brings focus of mind

4. Promotes balanced feeling of body & mind.

5. Unlock the hips.

6. Lengthen the back muscles and spine.