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Mehru Danda Chetana Kriya

Becoming aware of the higher dimension within

Mehru Danda Chetana Kriya – seated twisting of the spine

What is Mehru Danda Kriya?

Mehru means high, Danda means straight, Chetana means awareness, and Kriya means inward. So this practice means becoming aware of the higher dimension within. The spine is the main body.

What are the benefits of Mehru Danda Kriya?

  1. Makes you aware of your spine – this is very important because your spine is your main body.
  2. Balances the energy frequency between the vertebrae of the spine.
  3. Balances the energy alignment throughout the body.
  4. Is a preparation for experiencing equilibrium and stillness.
  5. Prepares a foundation for your inner journey because the spine is the access to your higher dimension.


Steps to do Mehru Danda Kriya

  1. Sit in a cross-legged position keeping the spine straight, and close the eyes.
  2. Interlock the fingers behind the head.  Have the elbows spread wide, keeping the chest open.
  3. Rotate the body gently from right to left, and back again.
  4. Maintain the awareness on the spine.
  5. Ensure that there is no tension in the body – every vertebra should be loose.
  6. Bring the awareness from your thoughts to the spine, and to each individual vertebra.
  7. When you have become comfortable with this practice you can add the vibrative sound of Mmmm….. and observe the vibrations in the different parts of the body.  Bring your attention from your thoughts to the sound.  

Note: Any vibrative process is most easily felt in the chest area because, in addition to the organs there, the chest is a largely empty space within; from there you can transfer your attention to the vibrations in the abdomen, spine and other parts of the body.

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