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boosting immunity with yoga

Reducing stress and boosting immunity with Yoga

Yoga for finding inner peace

In today's time, the mind is confused and stressed. Yoga can be a great help to strengthen your body and calm your mind, reducing overall stress and boosting your immunity.

Bring your mind to present

Yoga is a time tested science of balancing yourself and finding the union between your inner self and those around you (people & nature). The aim of Yoga is to bring harmony and inner peace. It can be achieved by training your the mind to be in the present moment, because only by doing so can one can learn to function in a balanced way in all situations – either when interacting with others, or towards yourself. The only time you are truly alive is when you are living in the present moment. When you live in the past you suffer depression, sadness or melancholy for things that have passed; when you live in the future you are full of anxieties, fears and insecurities. So most of our problems arise from our attention being either in the past or the future; and the remedy for this is to live each moment in the present – then you will be practicing yoga all the time. For most people: (i) what they think; (ii) how they feel; and (iii) how they act; are not in alignment; but through the practice of Yoga one can bring union between these three elements so that one’s actions can become more balanced. Newer research has already proved that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is as effective as antidepressants in preventing depression relapses.

Train your mind

Yoga teaches your mind to control the body and feelings. Through control of breathing you can train your mind to calm down quicker. Through yogic asanas, pranayam, and meditation, you build the skills needed to move from stimulation to calm more efficiently. When the body & mind is relaxed, all organs function better. This boosts your body’s capacity to fight stress & germs and heal naturally.

Few asanas to try


 Sukhasana means at ease pose. This is a simple cross-legged sitting asana , sometimes used for meditation. This is a simpler variation of Padamasana and suitable for most (including beginners)

For meditation, it is important that the spine be straight and aligned with the head and neck. One can slowly practice sukhasana pose by putting pillows or blankets under the knees to create this alignment without slumping forward.

Controlled Breathing

Yogic breathing exercises are called “pranayama” (control of the prana: life force).

With regular practice, pranayama enables you to more consciously control the non-physical subtle energy within your own being. Pranayama enables you to cleanse and strengthen your physical body while calming your mind.
One breathing exercise is Anulom Vilom where you alternatively inhale/exhale from each nostril.During the inhale/exhale process focus on your breath



Before you focus on mind, you need to prepare your body. For relaxing your muscles and joints you can try out some of the asanas below.

Poorna Titali Asana (Butterfly)

Skandha Chakra (shoulder socket rotation)

Chakra Padasana (leg rotation)

Hasta Uttanasana


You can find some of the asanas in the links (Sandhi Chetana, Prana Spandan & Sthryiam)

how to get best results

Practice to bring your mind to the present moment (mindfulness).

Practice being present

Focus on your breath. Go inwards and try to cut of your mind from distractions.

Go inwards