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This course is designed for those who wish to study the science of Ayurvedic therapies, and embrace this alternative option for helping to heal themselves and others. The complete course runs over a 5-week period for a total of 250 hours, but you can study as little or as much, depending on the time you have available, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or the full 5 weeks.
WEEK 1: Introduction to the theory and practice of Ayurvedic massage. During this week you will cover techniques of massage for relaxing and healing the whole body.

WEEK 2: Learning the marma point massage (learning how to work with specific energy points of the body which help to balance the energy system and open energy blockages).

WEEK 3: Studying different therapies such as Shirodhara etc., for the healing of various disorders and stress relief.

WEEK 4: Addition of further therapies for the healing of various disorders.

WEEK 5: Studying the different body constitutions and preparing appropriate Ayurvedic diets and therapies for the different body-types, so that you can inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. All the different treatments learned under guidance in the previous weeks are refined during this week.

The 5-week course can be extended for a further two weeks for the purpose of improving your newly acquired skills by practicing on clients and gaining work experience. The Centre will provide a letter of confirmation of the work-experience hours gained in this way. Note: Each week of this course is self-contained so you can join at any time or complete the full five weeks. However, in order to achieve the overall skills required to be a therapist, you will need to complete the full 5-week course. The 250 hours includes self-study time.
Certification is provided:
(a) only after the completion of any two weeks out of the five, and
(b) the participant showing evidence of proficiency.

Since there is no official international Ayurvedic association, the Certificate offered is provided only at the discretion of the Ayurvedic teachers from the Vedic Yoga Centre. These teachers hold Diplomas from certified Ayurvedic hospitals and have gained extensive work experience under the guidance of senior hospital staff.
The total price for the 5-week course is US$2,200 which covers accommodation, all meals and tuition.
The cost for each weekly course is US$550 which also covers accommodation, all meals and tuition.
1. Email a copy of your flight details, passport and visa to:
2. Use TransferWise, Western Union or direct bank transfer to transfer a deposit of US$100 into our bank account.
3. Complete the application form.
Hi fellas. I was traveling by bicycle in India and have stopped in Rishikesh. I was looking for Ayurvedic massage courses and only in this place, I found teacher who cares to whom to give his knowledge. Here is amazing atmosphere. Definitely, I found here not only a teacher also I found here friends and will come here again and again.
- Volodymyr Z, Ukraine, 2018
I stayed 1 week in Vedic Yoga guesthouse in Laxman Jula. Rooms are nice, clean, big. The owners are nice and ready to help you. I also took 7 days of massage course, great and you have the possibility to practice on your own in the massage room. Good place for learning massage and yoga.
- kalariindia, France