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Ardh Matsyendra Asana

Twisting Pose asana

Ardh Matsyendrasana

Ardh Matsyendrasana is very effective asana for people who suffer from diabetes. It is also beneficial for kidneys and tones the nerve channel in the spines.

It is also known as half spinal twist pose or half lord of fishes pose.

Here are the steps to do, benefits and precautions for ardh matsyendrasana.

How to do Ardh Matsyendrasana?

  1. Sit on the floor, legs straight out in front.
  2. Bend the right knee and place your right foot at the base of the left buttock.
  3. Bend the left knee and place your left foot beside the right knee.
  4. Bring the left arm behind the back as a support.
  5. Inhale, raise your right arm up keeping the shoulders down away from the ears, and with an exhalation place the right elbow behind left knee and twist the trunk, moving from the abdomen.  This should feel like a wringing motion.  If you can, hold left the ankle with your right hand; if you can’t, then leave the arm bent from the elbow pointing towards the ceiling.
  6. When you have twisted to your maximum, turn the head as far back as is comfortable and breathe normally.
  7. To come out of the pose, inhale, raise the arms above the head, and with an exhalation release the arms, then release the legs to return to a seated position.
  8. Repeat on the other side.

How to breathe during Ardh Matsyendrasana ?

  1. Inhale in the forward position.
  2. Exhale while twisting the trunk.
  3. Breathe deeply and slowly without strain in the final position

Awareness during Ardh Matsyendrasana?

  1. Physical: On keeping the spine straight and on the movement of the abdomen created by the breath in the final position.
  2. Spiritual: On Ajna Chakra


  1. Pregnancy, and the first two months after giving birth.
  2. Any back condition requiring the guidance of a specialist.
  3. The following should be practiced only under the guidance of a competent teacher:
    1. Stomach ulcer
    2. Hernia, sciatica or slipped disc
    3. Hyperthyroidism

What are the advantages of Ardh Matsyendrasana?

  1. Massages the abdomen and internal organs, alleviating digestive ailments.
  2. Very effective for people who suffer from diabetes.
  3. Relieves stiffness in the lower back, lumbago and muscular spasms.
  4. Tones the nerve channels in the spine and makes the back muscles supple.
  5. Reduces the tendency of adjoining vertebrae to develop inflammatory problems and calcium deposits.
  6. Regulates secretion of the adrenal glands, liver and pancreas, and is beneficial for the kidneys.

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