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7 Day or 14 Day Beginner Course in Yoga and Meditation
For those who are new to yoga, we offer a residential 7-Day or 14-day Beginner Course in Yoga and Meditation which provides a perfect opportunity for you to be introduced to yoga and meditation practices. These courses are designed for those wishing to focus on their spiritual self-development. The course is transformative and will take you on a journey of self-awareness as the body, mind and spirit become aligned. You will take away valuable lessons and resources that can be used to foster good health and mental well-being for the rest of your life.
You will be able to deepen your awareness, learn how to balance your emotions, and create an inner sanctuary through classes in the following practices:
• Asana (Posture)
• Pranayama (Breathing)
• Yoga Nidra (Relaxation)
• Mantra (sound meditation/chanting, healing and bringing your attention into the present)
• Samyak Kriya (a practice that creates a pathway for finding inner alignment through the breath)
• Nada yoga (a practice of tuning your awareness through sound and vibration to make the mind meditative)
• Meditation
• Yoga philosophy and its application in daily life
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ganga cave
“Your asana is the foundation for your stillness.”
Daily Itinerary (subject to minor changes and modifications)

6:30 am
Mantra chant and meditation
7:00 am - 9:00 am
Yogic cleansing and yoga asana practice
9:00 am - 10:00 am
11:30 am - 12:30 am
Lecture and discussion
1:00 pm
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Yoga kriya/meditation practice
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
8:00 pm
Kirtan/Mantra, Satsang discussion
9:00 pm
The course includes 3 daily delicious, fresh, traditional Indian-style vegetarian meals, in a spiritual and uplifting environment.

No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required.
Total fee for the course, meals and accommodation is US$600.
Total fee for the course, meals and accommodation is US$1,050.
1. Email a copy of your flight details, passport and visa to:
2. Use TransferWise, Western Union or direct bank transfer to transfer a deposit of US$100 into our bank account.
3. Complete the application form.
This is a jewel in Rishikesh which has many ashrams and spiritual centers. There are several amazing aspects to this center. It is located on the Ganges river basically and is super clean. As I mentioned above, and is the MOST important part, Master Shailendra is truly a great gift to the world. He knows so much and is so humble.
- Fredbusch 2018, Florida
I asked for some lesson of meditation and breathing at some Ashrams in Rishikesh. Mr. Shailendra understood what I want to learn. I stayed this lovely place for over two weeks. My teacher Shailendra taught me a lot of things including trataka, jala neti, kapalabhati, nadi shodhana and some of meditation and asana. My small notebook was full of memorandum for what Shailendra talked. I got some vegetables and fruits and enjoyed cooking at a kitchen in the guesthouse. This stay is absolutely life-changing experience in my life. Back to Japan, still practicing and enjoying jala neti, some breathing and meditation.
- Hiroshi_fk, Japan, 2018