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10-14 day detoxification program
The 10-14 days detoxification program is a combination of Ayurvedic therapy and yogic practices which help to cleanse and detoxify the body and balance energy levels. Although this program is very useful for the 10-14 day period, it is far more effective if the treatments are extended for at least 3 weeks; for even better results it can be extended for a further 3 weeks, making the program a total of 6 weeks.

Ayurvedic therapy helps to bring out toxins, and rejuvenates the body and mind, through a combination of internal and external techniques. These techniques are listed below. For a full description of the details of each treatment, click the link. These are treatments which are offered separately by the Centre as well.
Along with the detox program we offer a lifestyle change by planting a seed within you for improved habits when you return to your everyday life. These will build up your health awareness and help you find alignment between your body, mind and soul.
(oil dripped on the forehead)
(steam bath)
Virechana (cleansing of large intestine)
Nasya (sinus treatment)

Within these categories, we apply various types of appropriate treatments depending on the nature of the person’s body and the particular imbalances identified. The treatments are carried out with the consultation and under the guidance of a registered Ayurvedic therapist.

These treatments can help to alleviate and heal a range of common disorders and other health concerns such as:
• Digestive disorders
• Weight management
• Lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and cholesterol
• Stress and related problems such as anxiety and hypertension
• Depression
• Spine and joint problems
• Arthritis – rheumatoid and osteo
• Infertility – both male and female
• Specific women’s health concerns such as menstrual disorders

It is also very helpful as a regenerative program for all ages and individuals.
This treatment program is conducted in combination with a range of yogic practices including the introduction to meditation, and healing chants and mantra.
Note: Every Sunday, when the Senior Teacher is at the Centre, there will be a Satsang which involves group chanting followed by a short lecture on yogic philosophy. It is also highly recommended that participants join regular yoga classes as this will aid in the healing process. In addition, since Rishikesh is located in the spiritually charged foothills of the Himalayas, participants should take advantage of its healing effects by undertaking silent walks along the banks of the sacred river Ganga.

PRICE: 10 DAY PROGRAMUS$1,200, which includes all accommodation, meals, treatments, and yogic practices.
PRICE: 14 DAY PROGRAMUS$1,500, which includes all accommodation, meals, treatments, and yogic practices.
For each additional week, a further cost of $US600 will be added.
To register for this experience, please complete the application form.
I attended Shailendra's Yoga Ayurveda Detox Program in Auckland and experienced an awakening week. I didn't know what to expect but from the moment I arrived and met Shailendra, I felt a great peace wash over me. Shailendra handed us a schedule for the week ahead which consisted of an early start and for the practice of chanting, yoga, and meditation. I found the early morning ritual beyond invigorating. We started the day with lemon water and then we would use the neti to clear sinuses. A peaceful walk followed through the forest to the timber yoga room where Shailendra would lead our small group into chanting, yoga, and meditation. The day would also see the group learn about the ancient principles of Ayurveda. In five days we learned everything possible required for a healthy life and the balance of mind, body, and soul. I cannot recommend Shailendra's retreats highly enough. He brings an authentic ray of light to any student to learn from his mastery. I left the week's program beyond peaceful and filled to the brim with idea and teachings to continue my practice at home and to lead an optimally healthy life. It is hard to articulate just how profound such a program is and really needs to be experienced. It is life changing and I cannot wait to travel to India and do it all again.
- Rebecca L, 2018