Ayurveda Cooking Course

In the Vedic tradition, food is seen not just as sustenance but as a means to maintaining overall health. Ayurvedic treatment explains the preventative and curative properties of hundreds of herbs and spices - it demonstrates that when used correctly in the appropriate combinations, food can promote well-being and good health by allowing it to be digested more easily. Ayurveda and yoga combine the science of health, harmony and inner awareness, which can be achieved with suitable food and disciplined practice.

The cooking course offered by the Centre covers the traditional method of preparing food for balancing the body and providing good health. It includes the methods of preparing and storing the following foods:


  • spices and herbs
  • herbs and spices for common disorders
  • grains, beans and seeds
  • vegetables and fruit
  • oils and dairy products
  • tea, hot and cold beverages
  • rice dishes
  • breads
  • soups
  • sweet dishes
  • nuts, dried berries and fruit
  • accompaniments: chutneys, pickles, dips, sauces


It also includes hands-on cooking with personal guidance

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